About Us

Estuaries Multi Academy Trust was formed in 2019 as a small, cross-phase, mixed Trust, comprising three academies across beautiful South Devon, responsible for the education of young people between the ages of 2 to 19.

Our three academies are aligned in vision and values and our aims are at the core of everything they do: To increase the opportunities, maximise the outcomes and improve life chances of the young people and families that we serve and to nurture, develop and grow the talent of staff.

Estuaries Multi Academy Trust is committed to providing an inclusive and comprehensive education that places children at the centre of decision making. Each academy has its own unique identity, ethos and culture and works tirelessly with its own students, families, learning communities and partner schools (within and beyond the Trust) to do whatever is best for its own children. Each academy is led by its own Headteacher, in the fullest sense, and has its own local academy committee within the governance structure of the Trust.

The collaborative work undertaken at Trust level ensures that best practice is shared Trust-wide, teamwork between academies is strong and a student-based ethos is delivered consistently on a daily basis. This is all undertaken whilst celebrating the diversity and difference within the Trust, acknowledging the great strengths in local leadership and governance in each academy.

We inspire all members of our Trust to be better than they ever dreamed they could be.  In our persistent drive for excellence, we expect the very best for, and from, every staff and student member of our Trust.

I am phenomenally proud of all the staff and students of Estuaries MAT and feel incredibly privileged to serve them all as their CEO. Together we can achieve amazing things!

Paul Cornish

CEO – Estuaries Multi Academy Trust